Master's Degree Data and Computer Science

In the Data and Computer Sciences master's degree, students deepen the concepts, models, and techniques of Computer Science learned in their bachelor's degree. In addition to the expansion of specialist knowledge, they acquire additional scientific and practical skills as part of their studies. The program is characterized by various options that allow for a deepening or specialization, for example, in the direction of machine learning, data analysis, visualization, algorithms, or building complex (software) systems. The notion Data Science in particular reflects that this program has a strong focus on Data Science concepts and techniques as applied to diverse application domains, focusing  on methods and processes for the analysis, modelling, and simulation in the context of complex systems and large-scale data.

Note that the language of instruction in this master is English. That is why all Web pages in this section are in English.



There are several requirements students have to satisfy to enroll in this program, including core Computer Science courses and an English language test. Details about the admission can be found here.


The study program begins both in the summer semester and the winter semester of a given year.

Duration of study

The standard duration of study is 4 semesters.


Typical regulations of the state of Baden-Württemberg and Heidelberg University apply. Please refer this page for more information. Please note that different rules apply for international students.


The following model study plan satisfying the required 120 CP can also be found - with more details - in the module handbook.

1st year with a total of 60 CP

  • 44 CP in elective modules that need to cover three out of six subject areas with at least 6 CP each (module handbook, Section 4, page 15). Each subject area comprises a collection of lectures. The subject areas are
    • Visual Computing (VC)
    • Software Systems and Engineering (SE)
    • Scientific Computing (SC)
    • Algorithmic Analysis and Machine Learning (AM)
    • Algorithms and Theoretical Computer Science (AT)
    • Computer Engineering (CE) 
  • 10 CP in an application field, that is, not a core computer science discipline (module handbook, page 12).
  • 6 CP general competencies (see respective courses for the Bachelor)/ elective module

2nd year with a total of 60 CP