Application Fields

The objective of covering 18 CP in an application field is that students obtain in-depth knowledge and skills in the chosen field, thus extending their knowledge beyond the scope of Computer Science. 

All application fields that are admissible for the Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science are admissible for the Master’s degree program. Details about these areas can be found here. If you already had an application area in your bachelor's degree program, you are not allowed to bring respective modules from the bachelor's degree into your master's degree studies.

Please note the mail of the Dean of Studies of February 28 regarding the application field in the master's program :

Dear students of the master Data and Computer Science,
Please notice the new regulations for the application field, described on page 9 of the module handbook from February 8:
It is now possible to optionally conduct the application field using modules from the master Data and Computer Science (instead of areas outside of computer science). This regulation shall, among others, enable non-German speaking students to study the application field in English. Nevertheless, please notice that we still recommend to conduct the application field outside of computer science if possible, and that one has to apply for the option at the chairperson of the examination board.
Best regards,
Filip Sadlo
Dean of studies


Computerlinguistik (Computational Linguistics)

Siehe auch Informationen zum Bachelor-Studiengang Computerlinguistik. Die Anmeldung zu den Prüfungen erfolgt über das Sekretariat der Computerlinguistik während der Commitmentfrist (typischerweise ein Zeitraum von 4 Wochen gegen Ende der Vorlesungszeit).

Einführung in die Computerlinguistik 6 LP
Formale Syntax 6 LP
Formale Semantik 6 LP
Statistical Methods for Computational Linguistics 6 LP

Für Informationen zum Anwendungsgebiet Computerlinguistik im Master siehe hier

Economics (Wirtschaftswissenschaften)

Here you can see some courses which have been approved for the application field Economics:

Summer term 23

Corporate Finance, lecture (6 ECTS)

The US in the world economy since 1945, lecture and seminar (12 ECTS), and Seminar (4 ECTS)

Industry Networks and Economic Development (8 ECTS)

Designing Field Experiments: Topics in Environmental and Development Economics (... ECTS)

Behavioral Finance (8 ECTS)

Industry Networks and Economic Development (8 ECTS)

Development Economics (6 ECTS)

previous semesters:

Advanced Macroeconomics

Advanced Microeconomics