Bachelor Studies


In addition to a solid basic education, the bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Heidelberg University is characterized by the fact that the students have a lot of freedom to structure their studies according to their interests and abilities. For this purpose, computer science, together with many lecturers from other faculties, offers a large number of specialization opportunities in Computer Science and in interdisciplinary areas as well as corresponding work opportunities in the Computer Science working groups.

You have the choice between a 100% per cent in computer science or a 50% per cent in combination with another subject, both programs are taught in German. The 50% program is particularly important if you intend to study to become a teacher. This choice contains the same canon of core lectures in Computer Science and also ensures a sound basic education.

The admission requirements for the 100% BSc Computer Science and the 50% BSc Computer Science are the same. Note that the language of instruction for both programs of study is German. Details about the application process can be found below. 

Information about the recognition of examinations from students from other universities can be found here.





You need the general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or a comparable qualification. A minimum number of points, which is formed from high school grades and other relevant achievements, is required. In some cases, an entrance examination is carried out.


The study program begins only in the winter semester of a given year.

Duration of study

The standard duration of study is 6 semesters.

Language of Instruction

German (see also here)

Preparatory Courses

Very important for first semester students: The student representative body offers you preparatory courses (programming, mathematics and more) in the three weeks before the start of the first semester.

Entrance examination for Bachelor Computer Science

Details about 50% BSc


Step 1: You apply via the university's application portal, which opens on June 1 of each year. The application deadline is generally July 15 of the year in which you want to start your studies. Please also note the online application guidelines that the central university administration has put together.

Step 2: If your grades - as stipulated in the statutes - are in an area where admission is not direct, you will be invited to an entrance exam on one day and must take part in it. According to the statutes, these take place after the application deadline until the end of August. The date for the entrance exam will be communicated by e-mail. Please note that no special dates outside of the entrance examination period are possible.

The status query allows you to check the status of your application online.


University Web-Portal for Applications