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Mailing Lists in Computer Science

These mailing lists serve the purpose of exchanging information on study and examination matters in the computer science subjects at Heidelberg University.

  • Questions that arise at the beginning of the bachelor's degree are answered in the 'INFORMATIK-ERSTIFRAGEN' mailing list. All first semester students of the Bachelor's degree in computer science are entered in this list.
  • The 'INFORMATIK-BSC' mailing list has been set up for students in the bachelor's degree program in computer science and applied computer science (subject share 100% and 50%).
  • The 'INFORMATIK-MSC' mailing list was set up for students in the Master's program in Data and Computer Science and Applied Computer Science.
  • The 'INFORMATIK-LA' mailing list was set up for students studying to become a teacher with computer science as their main or minor subject. Students in the bachelor's degree program in applied computer science and computer science with a subject share of 50% are also included in this list.
  • The 'INFORMATIK-M-EDU' mailing list has been set up for students in the Master of Education partial course of study in computer science and the extension master's degree in computer science.

The inclusion in these 5 mailing lists WILL be carried out by the list administrator on the basis of the feedback at the beginning of the semester.

If you mistakenly believe that you are not a subscriber to a list assigned to you, please first check your '@*.uni-heidelberg.de' mailbox or contact mailman@informatik.uni-heidelberg.de.

All other students who take part in lectures, exercises, seminars or internships in computer science are recommended to subscribe to the 'INF-WEITERESTUD' mailing list.

Current job advertisements in IT are distributed via the 'INF-STELLEN' mailing list. You can subscribe to this list via this website. Anyone can subscribe to this list. Only teachers can write. Please send job offers you would like us to distribute aming students to sekretariat@informatik.uni-heidelberg.de.

We use the 'INF-EXTERNES' mailing list to send information such as scholarship offers and event information that third parties bring to us for publication. You can subscribe to the 'INF-Externals' list on the following web site.

If you no longer wish to be a subscriber to a list, you can unsubscribe from the list yourself after registering on the list server.