Recognition of examination achievements

In the following we describe the process for the recognition of examination results from students from other universities or during stays abroad.

  • Inquiries regarding the eligibility for credits within the framework of the computer science study programs are sent by e-mail to the computer science examination office. In most cases, students will then be informed that a form (PDF or MS-Word, in German and English) will be made available for them to fill out and send to the examination office.
  • Please enclose certificates of achievement (transcript, certificates, ...) and module descriptions (in German or English if necessary) of the courses that you would like to have recognized with this form. Please only enclose the module descriptions of the courses that you would like to have recognised, not complete module handbooks.
  • In the form, students should specify, among other things, in the form of a table which courses they would like to be credited with as which courses in the respective computer science degree program. In addition to the name, type and CP of the course to be credited, a link to the module description of the course at the respective institution must be specified for each entry.
  • In most cases, recognitions that are to take place as part of a stay abroad are discussed in advance. In the event of deviations from these agreements, or if there were no prior agreements, the recognitions will be checked individually after your return.
  • As part of an examination, which is carried out by the examination board or its commissioned chairperson with the support of the examination office, the content of each course is compared with that of the courses in the specified study program in computer science, based on the respective module descriptions. In some cases, courses can be credited one-to-one (especially with regard to CP), but there can also be cases in which two courses to be recognized are mapped into one course. This is a very individual process, which is based on the content and the competencies to be proven in the courses to be credited. In general, however, there must be an overlap of at least 50% in terms of content and skills. This applies in particular to lectures on which further lectures are based during the course. If this is not fulfilled, recognition is usually denied.
  • We would like to point out to students that formal recognition will only take place if they can prove that they have enrolled at Heidelberg University. Before that, we only make very general, non-binding statements. Many students "shop" for universities that recognize as many courses as possible. Since the process of checking recognition is very laborious, we only carry it out after enrollment at Heidelberg University. We also inform students of this, but often give an outlook on what could be credited.
  • Please check in your transcript in LSF if the credits have been entered. It is not always possible to send notifications.

Form Recognition of examination achievements