Entrance Exam Bachelor Computer Science

There is an entrance exam for the bachelor's degree programs. This applies to the variant with a subject share of 100% as well as for the variant with a subject share of 50%, in the latter case also for both versions: with and without the teaching post option.

This means that no matter which variant of the Computer Science program you choose, you must pass the entrance exam in order to be admitted to the bachelor's degree program in Computer Science for the first semester. When entering at a higher semester or for lateral entrants, no entrance exam is necessary.

You can find the statutes for the entrance examination for the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Student Advisory Service or the Computer Science Examination Office.




You can use the notification of admission to register with the student administration within the deadlines stated there:
Universitätsverwaltung - Studentensekretariat Seminarstr. 2
D-69117 Heidelberg
Tel.: 0 62 21 / 54 54 54.

The enrollment procedures and documents page contains details of the documents required. Further information can also be found in the letter of admission.

Procedure of the entrance examination

The procedure is carried out in two stages:

Stage 1: Online application and pre-selection

After you have applied online as described here, a preselection takes place in the first stage on the basis of the application documents submitted in writing (electronically). Here, the upper grades (semi-annual performance) in mathematics and computer science count (or if computer science was not taken or not taken continuously, in a scientific or technical subject). In addition, professional training relevant to the course, special training, practical activities or extracurricular achievements and qualifications can be claimed. If the applicant achieves at least 23 points with the criteria of the pre-selection, admission will be declared directly and the invitation to an interview (step 2) will not apply. The details are regulated by the statutes of the entrance examination for Computer Science.

Stage 2: selection interviews in Heidelberg

By mid-July in the year of your application at the latest, you will receive an e-mail stating whether you have been invited to an interview or (based on the documents from Stage 1) whether you have already passed or not.

You will be invited to the selection interviews if your grades and other achievements are within the range specified by the statutes. If you are invited, you must attend the selection interview in order to pass the entrance exam.

The selection interviews will take place towards the end of July in the year of your application in person at the Mathematikon in Heidelberg. Please take this into account when planning your vacation, as no alternative or replacement dates will be organized outside of this period. An online follow-up appointment can only be granted if there is written proof of good reasons (e.g. medical certificate, federal voluntary service, long-term planned stay abroad).

The selection interview lasts about 15 minutes and is usually conducted by two computer science lecturers and, if necessary, an advisory student representative (e.g. student council member). The interview should primarily show '...that you are qualified and open-minded for the selected profession'. Applicants who are suitable will receive their notification of admission shortly after the interview. You can then enroll based on the notification of admission.