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General Description of the Master’s Program of Study


Admission regulations

The current admission regulations can be found here.

Study Period

The standard period for completing the master's degree program is four semesters, which includes the time for completing the master’s thesis.

Course Structure

The master’s degree program in Data and Computer Science (as well as the former master’s degree program in Applied Computer Science) is divided into modules. Credit points (CP) are assigned to these modules. The following credit points are to be achieved:


Credit points

Modules in Computer Science


Application Area


Master’s Thesis




At least four of the specified credits points from Computer Science must be acquired through seminars. An advanced practical (8 CP) must be completed. For the Computer Science modules, three areas must be covered, each with at least 6 CP. The exact assignment of courses to these areas (which are different from application areas described below) can be found in the current module handbook.

When choosing modules, you can also choose predefined specializations.

In addition to the modules listed in the module handbook, other modules that supplement the content of the existing modules, can be credited towards the master's degree. The examination board decides on the creditability of the modules not listed in the module handbook (see also the form here for accrediting other courses). It is required to check with the examination office prior to enrolling in respective courses, otherwise an accreditation of respective courses cannot be guaranteed!

Application Areas

In the field of application, 18 CP must be earned. The subjects that are currently approved as areas of application can be found here.

Master’s Exam

The master's examination consists of

  • the master's thesis and
  • the master’s colloquium

Students who have completed a total of 45 CP (CPs of the application area not included) can be admitted to the master's thesis.

The master's thesis is intended to show that the student is able to independently work on a Computer Science problem within a specified period of time using scientific methods. The time from admission to the master's thesis (see the registration form here) to submitting the thesis is six months.

In addition, the content of the thesis must be presented orally by the student in a master’s colloquium, which lasts 30 - 60 minutes. Arrangements for the presentation are done together with the thesis advisor. 

The examination regulations of Heidelberg University for the Master's degree in Data and Computer Science in the current version are decisive for the conduct of the examinations


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