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Application Area in the Master's Program

The formal conditions for the application area in the Master's Degree program are described in the IAG module.

All application areas that are admissible for the Bachelor’s Degree program in Computer Science are admissible for the Master’s Degree programs. Details about these areas can be found here. If you already had an application area in your bachelor's degree program, you are not allowed to bring respective modules from the bachelor's degree into your master's degree studies.


Medical Informatics

ATTENTION: Lectures in this application area start earlier than the regular lectures in Computer Science.

The following Moodle course is now available for those students interested in this application area: Beratung für das Anwendungsgebiet Medizinische Informatik (Master), you can log in as “guest”. There you can find all necessary information about this application area, and you can also arrange for a counseling appointment.

New registration procedure: Due to the current pandemic situation, we are dependent on having an overview of the number of examination participants at an early stage and also being able to inform you about changes/cancellations on a  short notice. That's why we have set up a Moodle-based exam registration for participants of the master’s degree in Computer Science. For this, it is necessary that all students who are already studying our area of application join the Moodle courses below as soon as possible, where they can then also register for the exams. This procedure replaces the previous registration procedure by email, see the Moodle-page here.


Computational Linguistics

The description of the valid course combinations for the application area Computational Linguistics in the master's program can be found here.

Please note that in Computational Linguistics there is a general registration procedure for examinations in which also students from other programs of study have to take part. Please contact the Computational Linguistics Examination Office Ms. Suchowitz for more information.



You can find some basic orientation for the application area Geography here. In any case, please contact the Study Office of Geography (Dr. Hecht, Mrs. Sykorova) to discuss your individual plan.



Please develop a plan for the application area Physics by yourself and present it to the examination office in Computer Science for approval by the chair of the examination board.



“Proseminars” are not admissible in the application area of Mathematics in the master's degree. Seminars are recognized based on the corresponding credit points as stated in the respective module descriptions in Mathematics.


Other areas of application


Other areas of application can be approved by the examination board in Computer Science upon request. Examples of approved study plans can be found here. Please note the following:


  • You must have the selection of the application area and the modules or the project for it approved by the examination board in Computer Science BEFORE STARTING the IAG module. Of course, you can also accept suggestions that have already been approved.
  • You must present a confirmation from the Dean of Studies from the application area (or study advisory service for the application area) that approves this choice from the point of view of the application area (confirmed as being a sensible application area in the master’s program in Computer Science).
  • The selection of lectures in the selected application area is binding and can only be changed in well-justified exceptional cases.
  • The modules in the application area must be graded, ungraded modules are only permitted in justified exceptional cases.
  • If you plan to do a project in the application area, both a confirmation of an instructor from Computer Science (you need to find an instructor in Computer Science supporting such a project( and the instructor in the application area must be submitted. If you do not have any contacts in an application area, first look for the suitable instructors in Computer Science. The project can then probably establish via contacts to instructors in the application area.


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